The P.L. Dodge Foundation, Inc. is a small, place-based private foundation with three directors. Its endowment of approximately $2.3 million permits it to make modest grants of about $120,000 per year. It is “place-based”, concentrating nearly all of its funding on projects in Miami-Dade County, especially projects that benefit children and families. It sometimes funds statewide work, such as initiatives that focus on or promote civic engagement and resident involvement.  The foundation does not accept unsolicited funding requests.

P.L. Dodge Board of Directors

 Luther Jones – President

Roderick Petrey – Vice President and Secretary

Stephen O’Connell Jr – Treasurer

About P. L. Dodge

Percy L. Dodge, M.D. was a Miami neuro-psychiatrist and long-time crusader for better treatment of the mentally ill and the founder of the Miami Medical Center. Born in Canada in 1883, Dodge moved to the U.S. to attend Tufts Medical School and graduated in 1908.

His concern for the mentally ill grew out of his staff work in a Massachusetts hospital. After serving with an Army hospital unit in France in WWI, he returned to his practice in Boston. In 1925, for health reasons, he relocated to Miami and began an unrelenting campaign to improve conditions for Florida’s mentally ill.  At that time, mental patients resided in the Dade County jail.

Dodge was considered a pioneer in the community for the advancement of the treatment of emotional disorders and felt the need for a private hospital in which to treat patients with psychiatric illness.  In 1942, Dodge founded the P. L. Dodge Memorial Hospital, formerly the Miami Medical Center, specializing in nervous disorders and mental diseases.  An active member of the Miami community, Dodge was a member of 21 civic, fraternal, veterans and professional groups.

In 1963, he established the P. L. Dodge Foundation to assure continuance of his work on behalf of the mentally ill.  The foundation’s charitable work focused on family and youth in South Florida, particularly in and around Miami and Dade County.  Throughout the years, the foundation became involved in supporting projects that promote civic engagement and resident involvement.

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